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On January 13, 2020, with the theme of "Traveling Into Leadership," Barbara Strode, the Suncoast Chapter's Parlimentarian, brought her traveling suitcase with gifts for the newly-elected board.  Along with an arrangement of flowers for each new board member, the president was given a tiara and the Chapter's gavel; the 2nd vice president was given a magnifying glass to look for members and a small pot with flower seeds to grow the membership; the secretary was given a journal and fortune pen; and the treasure was given some coins and a calculator.  Each board member was given an overview of duties required for their office and an oath for confirmation of acceptance.  Welcome to the board members for 2020:

President:  Eva Gonzalez
2nd Vice President:  Clare Ward-Jenkins
Secretary:  Angelstar Colon
Treasurer:  Brenda Guilinger

The Suncoast Chapter is looking forward to an exciting year! 


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